Borderclip and Merge

In this tutorial we will take you through the process of Borderclipping (to remove Google Earth shadows from the edges of images) and Merging images into a final, high-quality large one. We will do this by first creating a Mosaic of images, then clipping their borders and finally merging them all together.


Step 1: Set the Image Overlapping from the Options menu 


You can find this setting in Options -> "Image and Mosaics". We recommend a setting of 15% or higher, so that when the imported pictures are borderclipped, the resulting images still overlap one another and thus can be merged without leaving a gap between them.



Step 2: Create a Mosaic of aerial imagery 


 If you are not familiar with the process of creating Mosaics, you can consult this tutorial.



Step 3: Select the "Border Clip" command


and select the images that you would like to crop.



Step 4: Apply the clip 


 Typically 20-25 pixels are sufficient to remove the shadows that are created by Google Earth on the edges of the images. Remember to select "Remove original images from drawing" unless you want to experiment with different setting before applying final changes. The new images will be created and now you can merge them into one seamless final image.



Step 5: Use the "Merge Images" function


and select the images that you want to be merged.


Step 6: Customize the applied merge


The image merging sequence defines which image will stay on top when 2 overlapping images are merged. We recommend you use the "Z -> A" button to retain the order that appeared as Plex.Earth imported the images. The program will also make sure you have sufficient memory to complete the merge and will notify you accordingly.


Step 7: The final single seamless georeferenced image is now created! 



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