Pinpoint the date of your satellite images in Google Earth

Are you browsing Google Earth and wondering if the vertical image you see is up to date? Or have just imported a Google Maps image into AutoCAD via Plex-Earth and want to know its exact capture date?

This information is shown in the bottom right corner of your Google Earth window, as shown in the screencast below:


NOTE: If no Imagery Date appears next to the location coordinates, you will need to zoom in more until it shows up.


Need more updated images for your project? You're in luck!

If you're an AutoCAD or BricsCAD user, you can access very recent images directly from premium providers such as Maxar, Airbus, Hexagon and Nearmap right inside CAD. This can be just a few days old in some cases!



And that's not all. You can make use of vast historical datasets and import ultra-high resolution imagery of up to 3'' to help you with your designs. To find out more visit our website at



Feel free to contact us at for any questions you may have and don’t forget to start your free trial today.


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