I have installed Plex.Earth 3 but the ribbon does not show


This tutorial concerns Plex.Earth 3 for AutoCAD 2010-2018. If you have installed our new version, Plex.Earth 4 for AutoCAD 2015-2021, please consult the following guide: https://plexscape.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000724086-Plex-Earth-4-ribbon-not-showing-correctly


After installing Plex.Earth its ribbon should directly appear in AutoCAD as shown above. If this is not the case, please try the following suggestions (use the AutoCAD command line):


1) Use the PLEXCUI command to load it.

Note: If you get an "Unknown command" message when using PLEXCUI, the program is not loaded correctly. In that case follow the procedure below:

- Use the NETLOAD command, type "%programdata%" in the file name box and hit Enter.

- Navigate to Plexscape -> Plex.Earth 3 -> Windows.

- Load the DLL file that matches your AutoCAD version:

AutoCAD 2010/2011   PlexEarth3.AcadR18.0.dll
AutoCAD 2012   PlexEarth3.AcadR18.2.dll
AutoCAD 2013/2014   PlexEarth3.AcadR19.0.dll
AutoCAD 2015-2018   PlexEarth3.AcadR20.0.dll

Then use the PLEXCUI command once more.

2) Use the CUILOAD command, select "PXEARTH3" from the list that will appear and then unload it. Then use the PLEXCUI command to reload it.

3) Change your current AutoCAD workspace view (typically "Drafting and Annotation") to a different view and back.

4) Use the "CUI" command. A window will appear and on the top left you will see all the customization files. If you scroll down in that list, you will find the "Partial Customization Files" list. Locate the "PXEARTH3" entry, right-click on it and unload it, and then use the PLEXCUI command to reload it.


If the problem is not resolved or you need any clarifications, please contact us at support@plexscape.com

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