Selecting a Coordinate System

Before using any of Plex.Earth's functions, you must select an applicable coordinate system for the area of your project. This can be done in three ways:


1. Have you set a coordinate system your drawing's settings or defined it through AutoCAD's GEO command? 


In this case Plex.Earth will read it directly (you can see this in "Select Zone & Units") and it will be used by all subsequent commands. If needed, you can also switch to any other coordinate system by directly selecting it from Plex.Earth's lists.


Note: This option is only available in AutoCAD 2015/2016 and verticals



2. Is you drawing based on a specific coordinate system, but this is not defined in AutoCAD?


If your AutoCAD drawing is based on a specific coordinate system, but this is not defined in AutoCAD (or if you are using AutoCAD 2014 or older) you can directly select it from Plex.Earth's "Select Zone & Units" lists.

Over 3000 coordinate systems worldwide are supported, and even if you can not find the one you are using you can contact us at (preferably with its definition or EPSG code) and we will try adding it.



3. Is your project not based on a specific coordinate system?

When the elements in your drawing are built on arbitrary coordinates -typically around (0,0)- you can still use Plex.Earth with it, by either:

- Using's AutoCAD's "GEO" command to manually georeference your drawing. Your selection will then automatically be used by Plex.Earth. (AutoCAD 2015-2016 and verticals only)


- Following the procedure described in the tutorial below to roughly georeference your project from within Plex.Eearth:



If you need any clarifications please contact us at


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