Upgrading to Plex.Earth 4 for AutoCAD 2015-2021


After months of continuous development and valuable feedback from our beta testers, our brand new version, Plex.Earth 4 is finally out!

It features major improvements on all existing functions and implements many novel features such as:

  • Fully automated mosaic creation
  • 3D model exporting
  • New imagery and terrain providers
  • and much more...

Please note that Plex.Earth 4 is completely independent from Plex.Earth 3 and comes with different licensing. As such, your existing Plex.Earth 3 subscription code can not activate the new version.

If you are using AutoCAD 2015-2021 (or verticals) and want to try it out you can download a full 7-day trial from here.

If you want to upgrade to Plex.Earth 4 please contact us at sales@plexscape.com and we will provide you with all relevant information.

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