Importing Imagery

This tutorial describes the process that needs to be followed in order to import perfectly-aligned satellite imagery in our AutoCAD drawing.


In order to do so, click on the " Import Imagery" icon at the "Imagery" panel so that a window appears for adjusting all the necessary settings.



As imagery source, we can choose between Google Earth/ Maps, Bing Maps, or literally any other provider e.g. USGS, OpenStreetMap (via the Map Explorer option), while NearMap is also introduced as one of our map providers (for users who have an account with them) since it constitutes an international high-resolution imagery provider.

Next, we can select the desired quality of the imported image (there is a pre-defined quality level according to the map provider we have already selected, that we can alter manually) or even proceed to further customization of the import settings, if we click on the respective "Customize" button.
Any selections we make there in terms of provider and quality will be used in all subsequent commands as well until changed.

After having adjusted the import settings, we have to determine what area of our drawing will be covered with imagery. The available options are displayed in the following image:

OPTIONS.jpgBy Google Earth view: The area that is currently shown in Google Earth will be inserted in the AutoCAD drawing.
By Area: A window or a polyline defined by the user will outline the area in AutoCAD that will be covered with images.
By Path: A band alongside a centerline polyline will be covered with images, so it is necessary to determine the desired swath width.

In this tutorial, we opt for the "By Area" option and we define the area that we would like to insert image to.
Then, Plex.Earth 4 calculates the necessary tiles that need to be imported regarding the selected quality and after clicking on the "Yes, Import Images" button, the download begins.


The duration of the downloading process depends on the size of the area that we have already specified.

When all the necessary tiles have downloaded successfully, the image is imported into our drawing.



We choose to set it as background and display our drawing above the imported Google Earth image so that we can continue drawing our project in its actual location. This is feasible by following the next procedure:

-> Mark the borders of the imported image -> Press right click -> “Draw Order” -> “Send to Back”


However, if you would like to always set your imported images as background, you can customize your preferences, by clicking on the "Options" icon at the "Import Imagery" window.



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