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Plex.Earth is developed by Plexscape, since 2009. Our software is globally used by some of the most notable firms worldwide and has been proven a significant time and money saver. It enables designers to have a complete 3D geographical view of their working sites, as well as to acquire real-life data. This can be done within minutes, from the convenience of their offices. As a result, the design process of Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) projects becomes more accurate and is greatly accelerated.

Some highlights of Plex.Earth:

  • Deals instantly with different aspects of design and helps users to make quick estimations of the construction cost.
  • Covers the area of interest with satellite imagery or thematic maps and uses them as background for AutoCAD drawings, no matter their size.
  • Uses 3D photorealistic capabilities in order to create real-world representations and virtual tours of a design in Google Earth.

First-time user of Plex.Earth?

Not to worry, the following index will direct you to the appropriate content, based on your intended type of use.

1. Georeference your drawing

Before using any command in Plex.Earth, you should define the Georeference System of your drawing. This way all your imported or exported data will be placed in the correct coordinates.


In order to do that, click on the "Georeference" button, located in the "Project" panel. This will bring up a dialog box, displaying the two available options:

  • Specify its Location
  • Specify a Coordinate System

Please, take a look at this tutorial, which explains both options.

If you are using AutoCAD 2015 or newer and have already set up a geolocation with AutoCAD, Plex.Earth reads and uses this directly, so you can skip this step.

2. Import Imagery

Now, it is time to take advantage of the first feature of Plex.Earth and import high-resolution satellite imagery into your AutoCAD drawing.


Either as a single tile or by bringing in and automatically merging a large number of individual tiles, in just a few minutes, all the images are placed properly aligned, no matter the size of your area of interest.

In order to do that, click on the "Import Imagery" button, located in the "Imagery" panel.

Choose your provider, specify your cover area and you are ready!

However, there is a lot more to learn. If you want to master this feature, then just click here.

3. Import Terrain

Do you want to see everything concerning the terrain of a location?


Well, with Plex.Earth you can do this easily. Every bump, dip, channel, ridge or generally any obstruction that exists on the site and the surrounding area, you can now spot it!

Visualize terrain morphology with elevation contours and import thousands of terrain elevation points from Google Earth and other providers into AutoCAD. Perform advanced terrain analysis (directions, elevations, slopes, slope-arrows) and get this valuable information in your hands from the beginning of your design.

The process remains the same, just click on the "Import Terrain" button, located in the "Terrain" panel.

By the way, if you want to combine imagery and terrain and take a more subtle look at the area you are interested in, then Plex.Earth comes to-the-rescue.


Yes, there is a lot more to discover in the terrain feature. This is why this tutorial will be of great help to you.

4. Publish your Drawing to Google Earth

Do you want to see how your 2D or 3D models dynamically interact with their real environment?

Do you want to convince and impress your clients?

Then, Plex.Earth is the perfect tool for you.


Export whole drawings into Google Earth and allow everyone to easily tour and understand your designs or proposals.

Plex.Earth uniquely supports all AutoCAD objects and preserves their look and feel when in Google Earth, such as linework, text, hatch, blocks, external references and so on.

You can get accustomed to this process by reading this tutorial.


Now you can design with greater confidence and work your way towards becoming a design superhero! No matter the task, Plex.Earth’s great capabilities will lead you to never miss a deadline again or make budget mistakes. Land surveying and conceptual design were never that easy!

Feeling ready for more? Try our Advanced Tutorials!

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