Black stripes in imported imagery


Are you having issues when importing imagery with Plex.Earth 4, with black stripes showing between tiles?

This is most probably an issue with your monitor's scale so please try the following (and then re-import imagery to see if the problem is resolved):

  • Right-click on the desktop, choose "Display Settings" and set the scale to 100%
  • Have Google Earth maximized and on the same monitor as AutoCAD
  • Only if you have a laptop and the above suggestions do not work, try setting your scale to 120% or 125%. Depending on your screen's size, this may vary.

If the problem persists, also use the PXC_VAR_GE_AWAY command and make sure it is set to "No".


Info: Unfortunately, currently, there is no way for Plex.Earth to work with a different scale, but we will try to include this functionality in the future.
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