Connecting to a Tile Server

In this tutorial, all the necessary steps for connecting Plex.Earth with any Tile Server are presented. Then, imagery import will be possible into our AutoCAD project.

Step 1: Open the Map Explorer window

To open the Map Explorer window, simply go to the Plex.Earth 4 ribbon:

- Select "Import Imagery"


- Select "Map Explorer" from the provider list on the top and then click on "Customize"


- Click to "Open Map Explorer"


Step 2: Create a new Map Layer

Once you open the Map Explorer, there will be a background map, to serve as the backdrop to the new Tile Server layer we will create.

- Click on the "+" sign at the bottom.


Step 3: Setup your new Map Layer

- On the dialogue that appears, you will be able to choose the Map Type (Provider) you will be creating, which in this case will be a "Tile Server".


- Enter a name for the new map layer (in this example USGS Topo)


Step 4: Copy the URL of your selected Tile Server

Plex.Earth will now prompt you to add a Tile server. All you need to do is copy the URL address of your preferred Tile Server and paste it to the text box provided. In this example, we are going to use the "USGS Topo" URL:{z}/{y}/{x}


- Click "CREATE".

Step 5: Create the Tile Server Layer

Once you've completed the creation of your Map Layer, the resulting image in your Map Explorer window, after zooming, should look like this:


Then you can minimize (or even close) the Map Explorer and proceed to use any image importing feature of Plex.Earth 4, to bring in imagery from the Tile Server into your AutoCAD project.


With thousands of Tile Map Servers available through Open Data sources, containing valuable information for companies and professionals, Plex.Earth 4 offers the capability to view them within AutoCAD, and even import them for further editing and usability.


Note 1: 

Don't be alarmed if the Tile Server layers you have selected are not showing straight away. Certain layers appear only when you have reached a specific zoom. 

Note 2: 

It is generally advisable, especially if the Tile Server is not working properly (see Note 1), that you look into the capabilities file for information about the Tile Server and its parameters.

Note 3: 

Note that you can add multiple map layers in the Map Explorer. Layers higher in the list will appear on top of those under them. You can rearrange layers by holding the "move" icon and dragging them in place and also selected ones by using the "show/hide" icon.


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