Import Imagery from current Google Earth view

There are cases where the only information we have about our project is its location in Google Earth.

With Plex-Earth 5 this is the only information needed to place our project into an empty drawing and to quickly import an image and start our design.

To do so, we use the copy-paste tools Plex-Earth 5 offers.

Below, we will present to you how you can start working and how you can quickly import an image into an empty drawing without needing to georeference it, using your current Google Earth View.


Method 1: Copy a Placemark from Google Earth into AutoCAD

To do so, only two steps needed:

1. Locate your project area in Google Earth

2. Create a placemark (or polygon or path), copy it, and paste it into your empty drawing using Ctrl+V

Plex-Earth will automatically assign a georeference and zoom to the respective area in AutoCAD. After that is easy for you to continue with your design.

You can see this process in the following video.


Method 2: Direct Image Importing

The steps you need to follow in this case are described below:

1. Locate your project area in Google Earth, create a placemark (or other objects), copy it, and return to AutoCAD (do not paste your element in this case)

2. Click the Import Imagery button in Plex Earth 5's ribbon and select to import a Simple Image or a Mosaic

3. On the next screen, choose your imagery provider (we have a large selection for you to choose from!)

Again Plex-Earth 5 will automatically assign a coordinate system and import the imagery needed in your drawing. Then you can easily proceed with your design.

The following video describes this process.


Useful Information

We mentioned above that Plex-Earth 5 automatically georeferences the drawing, but which is this georeference system did use? In all the above cases, the coordinate system assigned is a custom georeference based on the World Geodetic System (WSG84) with respect to the copied Google Earth object you used.

Of course, you can apply another coordinate system of your choice. Just follow the instructions of this tutorial.



Plex-Earth gives the ability to get satellite and aerial images, georeferenced, very quickly, from anywhere in the world, into AutoCAD. Moreover, it bridges Google Earth views with AutoCAD and can easily import the respective imagery for a project's area.

Actually, there are many more features waiting to be explored. Just try the fully functional trial of Plex-Earth 5 and get to know its amazing capabilities.



Feel free to contact us at for any questions you may have and don’t forget to start your free trial today.

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