Print your Mosaics: Select Plot Mode

Adjust the Plot Mode of your Mosaic and effectively print your drawings.


After finishing a project in CAD, in most cases, you will need to print your work (hard-copy or PDF) as a final deliverable. In Plex-Earth 5, the images imported are by default stored in our servers and automatically re-fetched and shown by our software when you re-open your drawing. Thus, for better printing and performance results, regarding Plex-Earth 5 images, we have developed the Plot Mode options for the mosaics.

These options are explained below and show the most effective way to print a drawing that contains mosaic images.

Step 1: Set the Plot Mode to Final

After importing all your mosaics, go to the Imagery Manager and select the one that you want to print. Then, select Edit.


In the Edit Mode of the mosaic, you will find the Plot Mode.

The Plot Mode has two options for you to select:

  • Draft is the predefined option. The draft mode is more suitable during the creation of your drawing as it makes the mosaic lighter and ensures better CAD performance
  • Final is the suitable mode when you need to print your drawing as it leads to better printing result of the mosaic

So, before printing, the first step is to select the Plot Mode and set it to Final.

Warning: If you try to export your drawing to PDF by using the draft mode, you may experience quality issues like subtle grid lines. Just change your Plot Mode to Final, in order to solve this issue.

Step 2: Select the Layout you want to print

You may have created your Layout already or you can finalize it now. Make sure that you have all your settings as needed before printing.


Step 3: Proceed with Printing

Select the Print option of your CAD and select Plot. Adjust your printing preferences and choose to print the Layout of step 2.


Now, you are ready to print your drawing or export it to PDF!


Having a high-quality printing result for your work is very important. With Plex-Earth 5 you can see and print the high-quality satellite and aerial imagery mosaics that accompany your projects. This way, better visualization and presentation of your work is achieved.



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