Map Explorer - Overview

One of the main features of Plex.Earth 4 is the creation of high-resolution imagery by bringing in and automatically merging a large number of individual tiles, properly aligned, for a clear picture of the area of interest, in just a few minutes.

Although Google Earth, Bing Maps and OpenStreetMaps are the most popular imagery sources, you can use Plex.Earth's built-in Map Explorer to connect to literally any other WMS or Tile Server.

The Map Explorer can be accessed via the "Imagery" section of Plex.Earth:

- Select "Import Imagery"
- Choose "Map Explorer" as Map Provider
- Click on "Customize"


- Click on "Open Map Explorer"


Then, the Map Explored window will pop up that is divided into three segments:

  1. The Map Viewer: All active layers are displayed here. You can change the dimensions of the viewer by adjusting the windows size and pan and zoom to focus into the area of interest.
  2. The Toolbar: The toolbar contains functions to fully customize the maps displayed.
  3.  Layers List: All existing map layers are shown in this list. The user can add any WMS or Tile Server as a new layer, remove layers and reorder them accordingly.


Once you have put your map together by adding all the layers you require, you can proceed to import imagery in exactly the same way as you would with any of the other pre-defined imagery providers. You can even close the Map Explorer window completely after you have set it up.

A series of tutorials, for utilizing this feature to connect to commonly used Map Services and import imagery into AutoCAD projects, can be found here.

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