Copy & Paste KML elements from Google Earth to Autocad



Wouldn’t it be nice to simply fetch your KML/KMZ objects from Google Earth into Autocad?

You can now do this with Plex.Earth 4 in a number of ways.

To start with, you can right-click and copy the desired item inside your Google Earth window.



Then go to your drawing and paste from the Clipboard.



You just pasted your Object to your drawing.



You can also paste your object by using Ctrl+V or the PASTECLIP command of Autocad.



Additionally, you can fetch elements from Google Earth by going to the “Places” tab and selecting a whole folder or KML instead of picking objects one by one.



Then you can paste them into Autocad. Keep in mind that you should have first enabled the desired layer in which you want your objects to be copied.



Note that if you have already copied (but not pasted) an object from Google Earth and try to use the “KML Import” command of Plex.Earth the following window will appear. You can either paste the object that is on your clipboard or insert a new one.



Last, but not least, once you copy your objects in your drawing their names and description are also imported. You can see these using the embedded Object Data Viewer.


Tip: You can even use the copy-paste process to import KMZ elements that are loaded dynamically into Google Earth, which can not be imported via the typical "Import KML" command.

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