Part 4: Save your Favourite Datasets


With Plex-Earth 5 you have the ability to choose and save a list of your favourite imagery datasets. Having to choose from a bunch of providers and between various dates or quality options, you may need to have an option of a list to access quick and easy the datasets are required for your projects. Below we are going to show how you can create such a list.

Add an imagery dataset to your favorite's list

Go to the Imagery Manager, select the Simple Image of which the dataset you want to keep, and click Edit. Once the Edit window opens, go on and click on the "Favourite" button as shown in the below image.


When you click the "Favourite" button,  the "Add to Favourites" window will pop-up. There you can see the selected Imagery Dataset you are going to add to your favourite's list. Click on "Done" to save it to your favourites. You can also choose to set this dataset as the default one by clicking the respective tick-box, as shown in the image below.



Manage your favourite imagery's datasets list

You can access your favourite's list, by going to "Sources" in the Imagery Manager.


You can use the arrows to move between your favourite datasets. Find the dataset you want, click "Select" and now this is the default imagery provider. If you no longer need a dataset, just click on "Remove from Favourites" to delete it. If you want to choose another provider that is not included in your favourites, click on "View all Providers" to access the full list.



What if there is no available imagery in my chosen dataset?

If the favourite dataset you have chosen as default is not available in the area you try to import imagery, Plex-Earth 5 will go and fetch an image from the best available dataset of the same provider. For better understanding, let's see the example in the below image: we have saved to our favourites a recent imagery dataset of Maxar, obtained on 3/25/2020. However, we tried to import imagery in an area that this date was not available, so Plex-Earth 5 fetched the next most recent imagery obtained from the same provider on 7/31/2020.




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