Part 3: Edit your Imagery

A very useful implementation is to be able to edit the features of your image. With Plex-Earth 5 now you will be able to achieve it. Plex-Earth 5 offers the ability to edit the imagery either of the simple imagery or a mosaic. You can change the Brightness or the Contrast, the Transparency, and you can make adjustments to the image. You can move it to the front and sent it back and move the image wherever you want on your drawing or even rotate it. Below you can find more details regarding all the features.


After you import the imagery of your area of interest then you can edit the image. The exact steps are the following:

  1. Choose the image or the mosaic you want to make the changeschoose_image.png
  2. Select the Edit optionedit_image.png
  3. Then choose from the toolbar the option Editedit.png
  4. In the last window, you see 10 different optionsScreenshot__226_.png


Send to Back / Bring to Front

 Imported images will be saved as Raster Images on the active AutoCAD layer. 


  • Use the Send to Back command to move them to the background.
  • Or use the Bring to Front command to move it to the front of your drawing.


In the following section, we have the ability to edit the way the image is presented by changing the Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation & Transparency and be able to see the changes before you saved it on the right side of the preview. After you make the adustments select "OK".


  1. Brightness: Specify Brightness from -100 to 100.Screenshot_18.png
  2. Contrast: Specify Contrast between -100 to 100.Screenshot_20.png


    • If the image is dark you can increase the Brightness (for example 20) and reduce the Contrast (for example -10)
    • On the other hand, if it is bright you can reduce the Brightness (for example -20) and increase the Contrast (for example 10)
  3. Hue: Specify Hue from -180 to 180.                               Screenshot_21.png
  4. Saturation: Specify Saturation from -100 to 100.Screenshot_22.png


    • With the Hue option, you can define a specific colour on your imagery such as blue, green, red, yellow and all the colour between them.all.png
    • With the Saturation option, you can define the intensity of a hue. Vivid primary colours are highly saturated, while pastel colours are unsaturated.Screenshot_23.png
  5. Transparency: Specify Transparency between 0 to 250. Depending on your drawing you can define the opacity of the image                                                              Screenshot_24.png
  6. Revert To Original: By selecting the Revert to Original option clears all adjustments and reverts to image original                                                                                       Screenshot_25.png

Invisible Color


The Invisible Color is in case you want to make the white/black pixels of the image completely transparent.

  • When you select the Invisible color you can choose between None, Black, White.Screenshot_14.png


On the 3rd section of the editing tools, you can find the following options:




  • Being able to select a polyline to specify the cutout region of the image achieving that by selecting the polyline in order to cut out the image that is inside it



Set Clip 


  • Being able to select a polyline to specify the clipping region of the image achieving that by selecting the polyline in order to clip the imageScreenshot__64_.pngScreenshot__65_.png




  • Be able to rotate the image to your drawing in the correct position, by specifying the origin point


  • Select the rotation point on your imagery





  • Be able to specify image displacement to correct misalignment to drawings with issues, by specifying the source point

If you want to revert the image to the previous stage of condition you can select the command again from the editing tool (for example Cutouts, Clipping, Rotate, Move) and choose on the command line the option Clear




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