Importing Imagery - Introduction


Do you want to learn how to import georeferenced aerial and satellite imagery into your AutoCAD drawings?

Imagery is a very important and powerful tool for engineering. In the conceptual design, it can help the designer to specify all the potential solutions or get a general idea of the current situation. During the preliminary stage, it aids the engineer to design with better accuracy and provides important site details, while at the same time results into avoiding the time and money consuming later re-designs. Finally, during the construction, monitoring of the project can be performed, thus controlling the progress and getting a dynamic general visualization of the resulting construction.

Whether from identifying the gradient of roads, bridges, airstrips, networks and current buildings, to locating hydrants, street inlets, planning road markings/signs and much more, satellite and aerial imagery constitutes an economical and accurate method for obtaining valuable information for any engineering, architectural and construction project.

This is why Plex-Earth 5 is a mandatory design tool for any engineer, as it offers recent satellite/aerial imagery and historic images of very high quality, from a number of premium providers. At the same time, the user, depending on the provider, acquires usage rights on them, including the ability to print, distribute, and create any kind of derivative work from them.

The following tutorials present the full capabilities of Plex-Earth 5 for importing, editing and managing imagery into AutoCAD drawings. At the same time, additional tips and information are provided, for a better understanding of the software.

Part 1: Create a Simple Image (fast-import, check the availability for your area)
Part 2: Create Imagery Mosaic (high-quality, use it as a background to base your design)
Part 3: Edit your Imagery
Part 4: Save your favorite datasets
Part 5: Useful information about the Imagery Providers

So, if you are looking for the bigger picture while designing, satellite and aerial imagery is the best solution for you. With Plex-Earth 5 it’s actually better than being there, as now you can have the whole world in your office!

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