Import/Export KML to Google Earth

This tutorial describes the process of importing a KML/KMZ file to your drawing and exporting a project to Google Earth.

First things first before you import or export your KML/KMZ file it is essential to georeference the drawing correctly.


Import KML/KMZ


If you are interested in importing a KML/KMZ file to your drawing, you are able to do it also with Plex-Earth 5.


Select the "Import KML/KMZ" command and choose the desired file


The final result is the following:


Export KML/KMZ-Export 3D objects


The steps that need to be followed are almost the same for both commands.


However, "Export 3D Models" is more appropriate for exporting 3D models, whereas" Export KML/KMZ" is a better option when it comes to 2D objects.


After clicking on the respective command, you need to determine which object or objects you would like to export to Google Earth.


If, however, there are more than one objects to being exported and you have selected the "Export 3D Models" command there is an extra step included, because you have to determine whether the objects will be grouped into a single model or not.


Following this, a window pops up where you have to select the altitude mode.


The available options are the following:


Clamped to Ground: The object is placed on the surface of the ground, ignoring any altitude value.
Relative to Ground: The altitude is measured directly from the ground level below the coordinates
Absolute: The altitude is measured relative to sea level.

Following this, the user is directed to a "Save" window, so that the objects are saved as a KMZ file before exporting and when this procedure is finished the analyzing begins.


As soon as the exporting has been completed, the object can be opened directly at Google Earth.



Below you can see the final result:



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