Connectivity Problems (Error Codes 21000, 35002, 10000)

If you try to use Plex-Earth 5 and you get network-related error messages like the following:

21000: Could not send GET request!
35002: Failed retrieve latest version information!
10000: Forbidden

this is probably a result of the configurations of either your firewall or proxy (if you are using one) that are blocking the connection to our web services.

In such connectivity errors, it is often difficult to find the exact root of the problem and therefore we recommend contacting your IT/system administrator for assistance.

Adding to the above, in order for Plex-Earth 5 to function properly on your computer, you need to ensure that the following URL addresses are accessible:

Moreover, make sure that the AutoCAD executable is not blocked by your firewall. Both inbound and outbound rules should be examined and any blocking entries should be modified to allow internet access.

For local firewalls or if there is no system administrator, please follow the instructions below.


Finally, keep in mind that if you have installed the Dropbox application for AutoCAD, this might also cause connectivity issues with Plex-Earth.

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us directly at

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