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Plex-Earth 5 features a built-in Map Explorer that a user can utilize if one already has a preferred provider not included in our imagery provider list. There are several Web Map Services available through Open Data sources that users can access which contains useful information that may help in completing a project. The user can just connect to every WMS or Tile Server he prefers by utilizing the Map Explorer.

The Map Explorer can be accessed via the "Imagery" panel of Plex-Earth 5.

First, select "Show Imagery Manager" on the Imagery panel of the Plex-Earth 5 ribbon.




The Imagery Manager tab will show up on the left hand side of the screen. Click on "Sources" then a window will pop up and on the bottom left corner, click on "+ CREATE A NEW MAP" button.


You can assign a name to your customized map, and may also add a thumbnail, which is optional. Click on "SAVE & EDIT" afterwards.


Then, the Map Explorer window will pop up. You can choose to pick from ready-to-use maps in our collection or create an entirely new one by clicking on the "CREATE NEW MAP" button.


The Map Explorer window will then display three segments: Map Viewer, Toolbar, and Layer List.


You can pan and adjust the size and zoom level of the viewer to focus on your project area. Existing layers, which can be removed and rearranged, will be displayed, if there are any, on the viewer and the layer list.

If there are no existing layers, you may create a new one by connecting to any WMS or Tile Server you prefer. You may use the grey, vertical toolbar on the left side to further customize your map and adjust settings.

After customizing your map, you can proceed to import imagery in the exact same way as you would with any of the other pre-defined imagery providers. 

If you'd like to make some changes on your map after it has been created, you just have to select "Show Imagery Manager" from Imagery panel - > then "Sources" and click the gear icon beside your custom map. The Edit Custom Map window will appear, where you can make any necessary changes on your map such as renaming it, editing the Tile Capture Delay, layer customization on Map Explorer, etc.



After you have made the changes, click "SAVE CHANGES".

You can find several tutorials here which utilize this feature to connect to commonly used Map Services and import imagery into AutoCAD projects.




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